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TCM five internal organs health through: regimen Secretary Yang Shen(Chinese Edition):


TCM five internal organs health through: regimen Secretary Yang Shen(Chinese Edition) (2012) (?)

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从卖方/古玩, BookerStudy
paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pub Date: October 2012 Pages: 166 in Publisher: Traditional Chinese Medicine Press TCM five internal organs health by: health secretary Yang Shen is Yang Shen Qiangshen the practical manual. Said the book is to start from the understanding of kidney. respectively. from the Western point of weak features and functions of the kidney. the angle from the five internal organs harmony to longevity illustrates the close relationship of the theory of Chinese medicine. kidney and other organs. and tell the reader. kidney problems. or disease. what signs and symptoms. the body will issue a kind of alarm. After that. the book highlights how easy means to Yang Shen. Qiangshen. respectively explained the Yang Shen therapeutic methods Qiangshen in. easiest to learn ear treatment. foot. hand sequence. meridian. exercise raises the kidney Law. from the spirit of the emotional aspects of how nursed kidneys. as well as in everyday life. which should be mastered Yang Shen. Qiangshen detail. Yang Shen. and sexual and reproductive health knowledge. The secret to health in Yang Shen clear and concise. a study will be one hand. Yang Shen worry about. Contents: Chapter regimen secret Yang Shen. Chinese medicine. and you talk renal Western medicine in the eyes of the kidney. Looked kidney - from measurements. positioning. structure began. Kidney function - the body purifier. TCM the eyes of the kidney - the five organs of the root of life. the distinction between the Chinese and Western medicine kidney - the same kidney. big different meanings four related to kidney meridian is a bottom-up. runs through the life of the Mother River from life rise and fall of understanding of kidney function - the source of life. kidney stores the essence - refined gas filled. vibrant. infancy - the growth and development of renal main. adolescence - development of reproductive function from here Start 4. prime of life - Kidney essence filling. energetic old age - aging. the process of the gradual decline of kidney essence. kidney - Meng Jin kidney function activities 7. kidney yin. yang - the five organs of yin and yang of 8. kidney main water - dominate the water metabolism Dragon King 9. kidney the main satisfied that gas - gas Shen Dan Tian. ??breathing deep. lingering 10. kidney primary bone marrow - osteoporosis. brain is not sufficient 11. Renal Division II will - releasing toxins. an easy second chapter five internal organs harmony. longevity. kidney and lung - mother and Aioi dependency. kidney and heart - Jun complementary phase. peace and prosperity. kidney and liver - B capric homologous. kidneys. livers and Tongzhi four. kidney and spleen - innate and acquired. promoted mutual. kidneys and the brain - the brightest minds. began in kidney. kidney and bladder - table collaboration. urine unobstructed seven kidney essence generated relations with fluid and blood - river water. river full eight kidney and body fluid transmission and cloth excretion - where to go. listen to the kidney commanding nine. kidney and human officer awakened - Do not let your employees to retire early third Chapter nephropathy police facial early detection of a child's growth and development - need your attention. pediatric bedwetting - insufficient kidney. urine from the left. sit up. stand. walk. teeth. talking late at the same age children - Kidney essence deficiency. growth retardation first. mouth. hands. feet. soft body - the essence does not charge. weak muscles atrophy 4. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - brain loss of fine without Cong two adult life troubles - your kidney okay hair dry. easy to break - fat. kidney. also waiting outside. stubborn dark circles - signs of kidney disease. markings premature climb up your Yen - premature aging. kidney 4. eyes. why smoke and mirrors - Tongzi fine charge. his eyes bright 5. ears. even worse cicadas - kidney and. the ear can smell pentameter 6. forgetful Who Moved my memory - Kidney essence virtual brains is not sufficient. evening. you lie awake - heart and kidney intersect. sleep well 8. backache soft knee is why - waist renal House. annoying get up in the night to urinate - lO of originated kidney deficiency. the why always cold - deficiency of the cold-like 11. Nannvzhishi. dull boring - the Vital Huoshuai. loss of libido 12 Vaccination could not withstand the cold - immunocompromised kidney Blame the urine change - tell kidneys. urinary foam the - careful proteinuria 2. urine color deepened - Urinary system problems. urinary urgency - early signs of renal insufficiency. morning the the eyelid edema - beware of the occurrence of nephritis blood pressure - perhaps kidney blame VI. which factors induced nephropathy - kidney. careful flying Henghuo fourth chapter raises the kidney and kidney how to eat? Will eat is the last word. kidney food. Diet 1. Gushen black sesame seeds - help you to get rid of gray hair troubles black beans - kidney patients nutrition warehouse 3 black fungus - Qiangshen reinforce the delicacies black rice - winter the BNI to share 5. - kidney nourishing miraculous. perch - strong gluten bone delicious seaweed - your side kidney grass . chestnut - kidney and stomach 9 black grapes - fruit the Yang Shen grade 10. Wuji - female raises the kidney health of rare birds 11. Loach - male physical water ginseng. kidney qi deficiency club culture of patients yam lotus Yiyiren the porridge. Gorgon ginkgo glutinous rice porridge III deficiency. drink soup 1. mutton soup. leeks carp soup. kidney. mend a wolfberry steamed chicken. sesame porridge five the nephritis patients therapeutic side. melon bean soup. celery fried shrimp VI. the therapeutic side of urinary stone patients. Plantago tea. kidney porridge Chapter Yang Shen Liulian Act a recipe ear infirmary kidney. earlobe. sharp-eared Czochralski method - dizziness. headache 2. helix massage - vertigo. tinnitus self-regulation rub bomb binaural method - low back pain ear governance full ears massage - the pursuit of the five internal organs. the harmony 5. the ear pressure Seed Act - regulating blood up until two Foot Yang Shen the Foot Yang Shen law 2. foot massage Yang Shen the hydroxyl network raises the kidney. kidney and brain. according to the springs. sealing possession of real dollars to find off $ 3. kidney strong waist. rubbing loin muscle 4. HuShenHuoXue physical Shenshu extremity cold pressed too River Shen pulse irregular menstruation. to find Taichong 7. neurasthenia. hidden white 8. tinnitus awakened enough shade to help you move hand convalescence renal five Chinese herb raises the kidney - kidney fitness. a traditional Chinese medicine the Jones. Umbilicus kidney. Yaozhen Kidney VI cupping Jianshen - clear the meridians. qi and blood circulation the Sanyinjiao - tune up the essence and blood. Guan Yuan. air sea. Vital - Supplement vitality sixth Chapter spirit Yang Shen law. within the spirit of raising - health first meditatively two kidney emotions - you understand kidney temper. fear - scared out of nephropathy. Goshi wins the kidney injury - Five Elements the derived emotions Yang Shen Myoho five. entertainment decompression - play out health six desensitization therapy - enhance renal resistance to seven living environment adjustment - Concerned about the kidney basic necessities eight. beliefs support - - find a patron Nine of renal emotion regulation - Qingxin static God. Chapter VII of the details of the decision of the small profit margins and few desires kidney health. kidney and kidneys. and learning life life mysterious killer drugs to lose weight - - beautiful not to renal consideration of electromagnetic radiation - away from the invisible dangerous food contamination - accidentally hurt kidney. drug abuse - kidney endurance is limited. abuse tonic - wrong do not fill up less. decoration. industrial raw materials unknowingly wrap your kidney. deficiency? Kidney yin - to discern the type of the right remedy for a kidney men and women. divided into yin and yang - syndrome differentiation. Kidney yin - strong water main to the system the sun. Kidney yang - Beneficial fire of the original shade to eliminate Yin. Yang Shen Siji Ge 1 Spring Yang Shen. catering mainly to light sweet taste 2 summer raises the kidney should not have to get angry. autumn eat Nuts Zi liver Yang Shen 4. winter is Yang Shen best season four. not holding back urine. holding back urine kidney injury. will drink water more kidney 1. kidney health thanks to 8 glasses of water. patients with kidney stones. drinking water to be cautious six. kidney patients shilly lumbar seven. shot slapping fight strong Jianshen eight anal contraction exercise - elderly anti enuresis nine health conditioning - is the health of the health ten regular medical examinations - early detection. early treatment eleven. must not delay the disease - Chapter VIII of the long illness and renal kidney. sex blessing of life without sorrow a uterus and kidney - Kidney essence charge to menstruation. menstruation. therefore. son and two refined rooms with kidney - male uterus men and women something atrioventricular Festival. atrioventricular orderly IV labor room - too indulge will be relentless five male disease from kidney governance - Men kidney congenital 1 impotence 2 spermatorrhea 3. premature ejaculation. infertility. kidney. gynecological little trouble - through pregnancy. production. milk with and inseparable from the kidney. irregular menstruation 2. Tailou. fetal irritability. infertility woman abdominal pain. dirty step seven. the male raises the kidney the health - Qiangshen Fitness scientific kidney. so that women return to health - kidney than men patented nine sexual health problems - not just for kidney impotence Ten children. tomorrow the sun - Kidney good couple and to be healthy. the next generation Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.
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