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TCM five internal organs health after Series: Survival Yangxin(Chinese Edition) (2012) (?)

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paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date: October 2012 Pages: 176 Language: English Publisher: Traditional Chinese Medicine Press TCM five internal organs health by Series: dependent life first Yangxin the raising heart Huxin practical manual. Britannica start from the understanding of the heart. respectively. from the Western point illustrated description of the traditional Chinese medicine theory centers and other organs of the close relationship between the features and functions of the heart. from the angle of the five internal organs harmony to longevity. and tell the reader. heart problems or the occurrence of disease. will be what the signs and symptoms. the body how alerts will be issued. After that. the book focuses on how to use simple means to raise heart. heart care. explained Yang Xin Huxin therapeutic methods. the easiest to learn and ear treatment. foot. hand therapy. meridian. exercise Yang Xin law. how nursed back to health heart from the spirit of the emotional aspects. As well as in everyday life. nourishing the heart. which should grasp the knowledge of the details of the heart care. nourishing the heart with Paul Brain. TCM five internal organs health by Books: Survival first yangxin clear and concise. a study will be a hand no worries about yangxin. Contents: Chapter Survival - Yang Xin. traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the eyes of the heart. and you talk heart - the human body to pump blood engine. Hidden in the pulmonary shape of peach. four two-bedroom two-bedroom ask - the heart of the location. structure and function of traditional Chinese medicine in the eyes of the heart 1. Similarly a heart. meaning big different. monarch's official. five internal organs of the main Crown face problems related to the heart - heart in the face. 4. watching the tongue identify disease - heart at the orifices tongue . profusely sad - heart the liquid is Khan 6. meridians of the heart - connected to the life of the network. run blood pathway Heart the main blood - water to all things raw. blood riddled consumer. pulse Shengmai cure - pulse charge is Wing veins dry. dead 9. conscious Heart - refreshing to Yangxin 10. any material that the heart - thoughtful. sad. and pain of the source of the second chapter of the five organs harmony. longevity. heart and lungs - by sterilizing air conditioning are thought of the heart and spleen - your engine fueling this three a heart and liver do not let your subordinates dazed four. heart and kidney - open water! Remember to bring it down to the heart and brain - our comrades six heart and small intestine - the same table. intestinal kindly. Daochi Powder: to diarrhea Firelight Baoxin 2. Systemic blood will pass through. Yang Xin laxative Chapter cor police facial emphasis on early detection. pay attention to changes in your heart - Appreciating known face to intimate two. the facial physical cor police found three. coronary heart disease Ten clues four hypertension early common manifestations of five. chest tightness - not barking up the wrong tree pulmonary six. back pain is the original heart to blame VII can not find the reason for the stomach pain should be alert to heart disease eight good mood. do not let flustered ruined nine. stop stealing - heart lazy Whose fault is it ten. how is it the elderly - had vertigo XI blackouts. body siren XII. the acne position have strange. heart problems knew XIII YINTANG. black. attention to the heart of fourteen control heart rate. live to 99 in chapter IV raising the Sum Care heart how to eat? Eating is the last word. coarse grain cereals - a favorite of the heart. Malt - lowering blood pressure. digestion product. anti-aging. The oats - Runchang Huxin red beans - the height of summer. the best of Yang Xin barley - spleen and digestion. brown rice - weight loss and detoxification 6. the soybean - beauty cleared blood vessel. the blood of red fruits and vegetables - Yang Xin. Tom Lee blood beneficiary dried fruit - make up the heart Bunao 1 walnuts - make up the heart brain grade 2 the peanuts - Huxin fruit. pistachios - physical pleasure four hypertensive patients with private kitchens and five private kitchens VI to patients with high cholesterol. coronary heart disease patients Private dishes seven. easy to learn Huxin Yang Xin pattern rice. Cellulite Huxin lentils. rice. pumpkin rice the Yang Xin Guan skin barley and rice. red bean rice. complement essence. five organs carrot rice. black rice Chapter Yangxin five-associated ear infirmary heart ear pulling - Yangyang heart. ears bean paste pressure - regulating blood. prevention and treatment of heart disease two foot convalescence heart. foot bath spa cor - - adjust the yin and yang. nursed back to five internal organs. foot hole pressing anti heartache - qi and blood flow. and clear the meridians three hand convalescence heart a little tai chi ball. Paul fine and life extension. often do hand exercises. heart disease as early prevention 3 crown Cor hand massage 4 the arrhythmia hand massage. angina hand massage four meridians nourishing the heart. often knock on the Heart Sutra. refreshing 2. Shenmen absolutely. dead where he died 3. tanzhong - wide Chest qi anti heartache 4. the Baoxin Yaoxue - Neiguan 5. eyes open. a hundred eyes open longevity hole - the Baihui 6. the Xinshu scraping prevention of angina pinch small practices. Prevention of coronary heart disease. sports Yang Xin back a little sun - the most important protection yang tai chi - soft but just. cardiac loose bone hand little tricks. Yang Xin effectiveness of the sixth chapter of the spirit Yang Heart. depression. anxiety. heart damage. heart disease. but also the heart to doctors three cardiac arrhythmia! Heart emotional four oral sick careful heart disease alleviate psychological pressure - do not do their enemies to change the mentality - Safety starts at home. calm Shou seven. six shortcuts for prevention and treatment of heart disease eight do communication with the spiritual and nine. so mental Ten strong Myoho ten. middle-aged man - balance of mind. blood reconcile 1. middle-aged physiological and psychological characteristics. middle-aged mental health problems and 11. menopause - psychological role is critical XII older people - old people. the heart is not old. elderly psychological change characteristics. common senile psychological issues and 13. Yang Xin interpersonal - Harmony. Heart and blood through fourteen. open heart lock embrace health of Chapter VII of the details of the decision heart health. Baoxin learned in life. cardiovascular patients Dressing pay attention to health yangxin details of life. the daily routine of Yang Xin table best time most dangerous time of patients with cardiovascular disease Five Timer four little nap can keep a heart Five. Four Seasons Yang Xin Song Spring yangxin to be happy. the summer yangxin meditation Fall 3. Yang Xin peace of mind winter Yang Xin Bao Xin VI. to grasp the opportunity of heart disease for medical treatment. time is life seven. Movement ABC eight patients with coronary artery disease. coronary heart disease patient movement should bogey nine. zero cost movement - walking 10 control watching TV. away from the heart attack eleven. lake fishing. raising the spiritual cultivation wins tonic twelve disease in middle age onwards. prevention from less start 13. Chapter VIII of heart disease misunderstanding protect the heart and brain. heart brain wen. intentions. with the raising of the brain - heart and brain the brain eating habits two. three can eat or eat less fast food every day to eat breakfast. dinner slowly . brain food Story meridians brain Myoho 1. rubbing Baihui Jiannao law 2. refers to pressure Laogong Jiannao law. the auger YINTANG Jiannao law. Intention to mention Jiannao law 5. massage Act 6 of the back of the neck and brain massage auricular Jiannao law five dementia first discern senile or vascular VI. the treatment of Alzheimer's disease to brain heart Tongzhi seven Baoxin Paul Brain - Protect vascular eight A jump rope. a good way to protect the heart and brain. damage the heart. brain. to endanger life Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.
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